Life begins for a young orc as a Lil'wun of the tribe. A Lil'wun must work hard in order to survive, and will often be tested by his peers through feats of strength and tenacity.

Upon reaching Grunt the orc is given the 'Red Boots', a mark of respect and adulthood within the tribe, and may begin considering special skills for their services to the tribe.

The Makurs are the orc craftsmen of the tribe, and have a few special skills of their own.

The Klompurz
The renowned Klompurz are the orc brutes of the tribe. They are heavily armed and are fiercesome fighters.
* Norviz Klompur, Klompur, Tuff Klompur, Klompur Bozz.
* The Klompur Bozz is also the second-in-command of the tribe.

The Skowtz
Fast and agile, the Skowtz are orcs that can hide and blend in with their surroundings. Surprisingly, they prefer discretion over traditional orc klompin' tactics.
* Norviz Skowt, Skowt, Kwik Skowt, Skowt Bozz.

The Shamunz
The Shamunz are the tribe's orc mages. They are smarter orcs than usual.. A good thing?
* Apprentiz Shamun, Shamun, Klevur Shamun, Shamun Bozz.

The Warbozz is the ultimate authority in the tribe. The position is a treacherous one, as orcs are forever competing for the alpha male role. The current Warbozz is Harbag, for now..