Our language is broken english mixed with some of our own orcish words along with some basic orcish from Tolkein.

The only words you humans need to understand are:

Gib Urks Tribuut tu Wargod!!
Give Orcs Tribute to Orcish god!

The correct response to an orc speaking the above phrase is to hand over some food and gold to appease the orc wargod.Some other common words that you may find helpful are as follows:

Ug! hail   Choppur axe warrior
Urkda goodbye  

yub yes   Klompur mace Warrior
nub no  

rulg / Fankz thanks   Pokur spear
Hoowah! Horray!   lil'pokur dagger
gruk understand   Skowt Spear Warrior
Shardie NPC orc   Lig-r  arrow
Wargod Orcish God   O'lig bow
lat you   Twangur Archer
shinies gold  

rejin reagent   Slashur Scimitar Warrior
Mojo magic   Kult kryss
MojokaShamun Magic using orc   Kult-r Assasin
Mojo Water potion   Sneekur Thief


Advanced Orc Guide

Advanced Orc Language Guide

What Orcs Should KnowOrc forDummies

Don't use the word "I" to refer to yourself, instead use "me". 
Use broken english to fill in other words.

"Hello, I want to join Severed Heads, I am a new orc" 
"Ug, me wan join clan, me new orc"

"I need an axe, where can I find some equipment?" 
"Me need lusk, wher kan me git thingies?" 

Basic Dictionary
All orcs need to know and use these words.
Nub gruk no understand   Igg Dagger
Gug'ye goodbye   K'igg Spear
Hoowah! Cry of happiness/War-cry   Mojo Magic
humie human   Shinies Gold
Shardie/Shard orc NPC Orc   Gruk Understand
mojo water potion   Rejin Reagents
Nub No   O'ligz Bow
Lig-r Arrow   Thingys Equipment
Ligz-R Archer   Ug! Hail
Womp Blunt Weapon   Womp-R Club/Mace Warrior
Lusk-R Axe Warior   Lusk Axe
Yub Yes   Wargod Orcish God
Lat You   Rulg Thanks
Zult Scimitar   Zult-R Scimitar Warrior

Numbers Dictionary
Orcs usually can not count very well
Zuth Zero   Hash Six
Ash One   Hdub Seven
Dub Two   Hgakh Eight
Gakh Three   Hfuth Nine
Futh Four   HH Ten
H Five   HHash Eleven

Urucku Dictionary
Words of the Shadow Clan orc virtue system
Duhkta Orcish Principle   Iggju Fighting Tactics
Clog Might makes Right   Gagru Deceptive Might
Faugh Battle Cleverness/Speed   Rokgagh Deceptive Tactics
Snarf Deception   Aughagh Deceit
Urucku Orcish Virtue   Ghigneh Connection to Wargod
Kihagh Bloodlust   Buorca Obediant Teamwork
Ogba Brutality   Highat Sneaky

Extended Dictionary
This is a list of words from Tolkien's Black Speech. It is not required to know or even use these words, but is intended to provide a basis for those who wish to develop a more complete 'orcish' language.
agh and   albai elf (or) elves (n)
amal where (relative)   ash one
bagronk dung-pit (n)   búbhosh great (adj)
bugd- call (v)   burguul shadow ('burz + guul') (n)
burzum darkness (n)   buub pig (n)
buurz dark (adj)   dug filth (n)
durb- rule (v)   durub ruler (n)
dush sorcery, magic (n)   duump doom (v)
fauth- lie hidden (v)   gaakh let it be that
gakh three   gazat dwarf (n)
ghaash (ghâsh) fire (n)   ghaashum heat (n)
gimb- find (v)   glob fool (n)
goi city (n)   golug elves (n)
goth lord, master (n)   gund stone (n)
guul (gûl) wraith (n)   hai folk (n)
hosh guts (n)   ilid elf or elves (n)
krak five   krimp- bind (v)
krith nine   lat you
lata- under (prep)   lug tower (n)
m- root of interogatives   mal where? (interrog)
mat- die (v)   matuurz mortal (adj)
mog voice (n)   narkuu never
nazg ring (n)   nuut sky (n)
olog Troll (n)   prakh- lure (v)
pushdug stinking (adj or participle)   ronk pool (n)
sha together with (prep)   shakh lord (n)
shara man (n)   sharkuu (sharkû) old man (n)
skai or skah exclamation of contempt   snaga slave (also used by Uruk-hai as 'orc ofsmaller breed'
srinkh- gather (v) (transitive)   ta him
tab his   tak them
tala above   thrak- bring (v)
throqu- devour (v)   tug only (adv)
u to (prep)   udu seven
uliima throne (n)   uruk larger breed of orcs (n)
uzg land (n)   za this
zagh mountain pass (n)      
-at verb infinitive   -hai people (collective plural)
-i or -u noun plural after consonant   -ishi in (a suffixed postposition: burzum-ishi,"in the darkness")
-ob of (case suffix)   -ub- verb future tense suffix
-ug verb present active participle   -uga verb past passive participle
-uuk (-ûk) all   -ul them
-um -ness, -yness (n)   -uur for (case suffix)
-uurz a common adjective-forming suffix   -z noun plural after vowel
a- prefixed to an interrogative makes itinto a relative      
Extrapolated words
gunduurz stony, rocky, rough (adj)   duguurz filthy, dirty (adj)
shara-hai mankind (n)   globuurz foolish, silly (adj)
bagronk-ishi ill, dying (literally 'in the dung-pit')   snaguurz fawning, groveling (adj)

Optional Advanced Orcish


Yes - Yub 
No - Nub 
Hail - Ug 
Goodbye - Gug'ye 
Thanks - Rulg 
Orc - Uruk 
Female orc - Kuruk 
Noble orc(tribe leader) - Nob 
Orc adult - Grunt 
Orc child - Gruntee 
War - Trug 
God - Ulu 
The orcish god (Wargod known as the Guardian) - Trugulu 
NPC orc(seen by the Shadowclan as traitorous orcs) - Puluruk 
Treasure - Bulag 
Gold - Rubug 
Gem - Kushma 
Tribute - Purub 
Axe - Lusk 
Scimitar - Zult 
Mace - Womp 
Shield - Oltha 
Dagger - Igg 
Spear - Kigg 
Kryss - Kult 
Arrow - Lig 
Bow - Olig 
Axe wielding orc - Luskhu 
Scimitar wielding orc - Zulthu 
Mace wielding orc - Womphu 
Spear wielding orc - Kigghu 
Archer orc - Olighu 
Assassin orc -  Kulthu 
Orc thief -  Fulu 
Apprentice orcish mage - Mojokii 
Orcish mage - Mojoka 
Craftsman orc(maker) - Kabuhu 
Light - Jurzum 
Darkness - Burzum 
Fire - Ghaash 
Water - Brugh 
Earth - Abhu 
Wind - Yula 
Lord - Shakh 
Master - Goth 
Ruler - Durub 
Army - Rukh 
Magic - Dush 
City - Goi 
Voice - Mog 
Fool - Glob 
Man/woman - Shara 
Old person - Sharkuu 
Young person - Narkuu 
Throne, chair - Uliima 
Land - Uzg 
Trip - Zalu 
Mountain - Zagh 
Tree/forest/wood - Galu 
Warrior - Trughu 
Thief - Fulag 
Sailor - Ulbha 
Traitor - Pulagh 
Troll or ogre - Olug 
Elf - Golug 
Dark elf - Buurz'golug 
Dwarf - Gazat 
Duergar - Buurz'gazat 
Human - Ulug 
Tall humanoid - Puglug 
Small humanoid - Ruglug 
Pig - Buub 
Boar - Pugbuub 
Gorilla - Bugarug 
Follower/disciple - Gulug 
Evolution - Grakhug 
Doom - Duump 
Stone - Gund 
Tower - Lug 
Sky - Nuut 
Mortal - Matuurz 
Never - Narkuu 
Slave - Snaga 
Death - Magru 
Food - Rabu 
A drink - Agral 
World - Puguzg 
Prophecy - Baghu 
Prophet - Bagath 
The end of the world - Brukha

Noun plural:

Put a 'z' after vowel 
Slave - Snaga 
Slaves - Snagaz

Put a 'u' after consonant 
Pig - Buub 
Pigs - Buubu 


Beautiful - Luba 
Big - Pug 
Coward/something meaningless - Nubhosh 
Dark - Buurz 
Drunk - Gral 
Foolish/stupid - Globuurz 
Great/something amazing - Bubhosh 
Little - Rug 
Magical - Mojo 
Ring - Nazg 
Stinking - Pushdug 
Ugly - Bratug 

Pronouns and miscellaneous:

I/me - Ulg 
My/mine - Ulga 
You - Lat 
Your - Lut 
Him/her - Ta 
His/her - Tab 
We/us - Glu 
Them - Tak 
Their - Tuk 
This - Za 
That - Zu 
Than - Ol 
To - Ula 
For - Bra 
Are - Plu 
Like - Jul 
How - Krub 
From/by - Tlug 
Only - Tug 
And - Agh 
Of - Ogh 
Is - Ib 
All - Kag 
Where (Relative) - Amal 
Where (Interrogative) - Mal 
When (Relative) - Abul 
When (Interrogative) - Bul 
Acknowledgement - Dabu 
Above - Tala 
Under - Lata 
Front - Tulu 
Behind - Lutu 
Together - Sha 
Through - Thrak 


Becoming - Mag 
Being - Grob 
Believe - Klut 
Bring - Prakh 
Calling - Bugd 
Conquering - Throku 
Dying - Mat 
Eating - Rag 
Enter - Valg 
Gathering - Srinkh 
Giving - Blukh 
Go - Bu 
Having - Prugh 
Hiding - Fug 
Knowing - Urth 
Let - Gab 
Let's go - Gabbu 
Lie hidden - Fauth 
Looking - Trag 
Making - Kabu 
Mix - Nag 
Serving - Snug 
Stealing - Tabu 
Surrounding - Krimp 
Taking - Fugru 
Understanding - Gruk 
Wanting - Bagru

Verb suffixes:

Present - Ug 
Past - Uga 
Future - Ub


Stealing - Tabu 
Steal - Tabuug 
Stole - Tabuuga 
Will steal - Tabuub 


Zero - Zuth 
One - Ash 
Two - Dub 
Three - Gakh 
Four - Futh 
Five - Krak 
Six - Blug 
Seven - Udu 
Eight - Tukh 
Nine - Krith 
Ten - Ash'zuth 
Eleven - Ash'ash 
Twelve - Ash'dub 
Twenty - Dub'zuth 

Virtues - Urucku:

Might - Clog 
Cleverness - Faugh 
Deception - Snarf

Bloodlust(Luskhu)- Kihagh 
Brutality(Womphu)- Ogba 
Tactics(Kigghu)- Iggju 
Deceit(Kulthu)- Aughagh 
Deceptive might(Olighu)- Gagru 
Deceptive Tactics(Zulthu)- Rokgagh 
Connection to Wargod(Mojoka)- Ghigneh 
Obediance, teamwork(Kabuhu) - Buorka