About Us
The Severed Heads Orcs were founded in 1999 and were one of the original members of ERPA.

They were based at the Yew Orc Fort, and took a lot of ideas from the Shadowclan Orcs on Catskills and Siege Perilous. The roleplaying scene was bigger back then, meaning the clan enjoyed great success. Several years ago the guild was closed, mostly due to a lack of members.

It has been along time since they folded, and although a number of other orc guilds popped up there hasn't been a dedicated orc guild on Europa for some years now. Most of the original orcs from the clan no longer play anymore, although there are still several unclanned orcs around on the server. So in March 2011, the Severed Heads Orcs were reformed.

Roleplaying an orc is a different and rewarding challenge. Although it can be a little daunting at first glance to some players, especially with their own language, it is actually very easy to pick up. This website is aimed at helping you understand orcs and the tribe, whether you are a member or a visitor interested in roleplaying with us.