OOC Rules
Code of Conduct
  • Please use common sense and consideration for other players at all times.
  • No obscene language or use of OOC insults will be permitted.
  • Stay In Character at all times.
  • Guild abbreviations must always be visible.
  • All players must carry a yellow bag in which items available for looting or stealing must be kept. (For more information please scroll down to the ‘Thieves and Stealing' section below.)
  • If there is any complaint, grievance, or other issue with a player or guild, it must be dealt with between the respective GMs.
  • If you are recalling or gating in to or out of a roleplay town or area please do so discreetly (e.g. behind a building or tree.)
  • Please note: The city of Trinsic is considered ICly to have an enchantment over it which distorts travel spells, therefore any travel to or from Trinsic must be done outside of its walls.

General Combat Rules

  • If you intend to enter hostile ground (territory belonging to another guild) with more than 5 members, please alert the relevant GM/AGM beforehand.
  • Try to ensure members are not AFK and are willing to enter into a fight before engaging. There are many alternatives to knocking someone out if it is clear they do not wish to partake in combat - use them. (e.g. take them prisoner, allow to flee, give a warning etcetera.)
  • If you are knocked in battle, you must wear a death robe for 30 minutes. You may not rejoin the fight.
  • If you do not wish to be taken prisoner it is advised you vacate the area.
  • The use of ‘Alts’ in a battle is forbidden. Once knocked you may not rejoin the fight on any character.
  • Those wearing death robes are considered to be ‘casualties of war’ you may not attack them.
  • All stealable consumables are forbidden in RP-PVP (these include but are not limited to balms and lotions.)
  • Trapped crates are forbidden as a means to break paralysis.
  • Imbuing may only be used to put the solitary property of 'Mage Armour' onto a bone helm. All other uses of Imbuing are forbidden.
  • Gargoyles are forbidden from flying during RP-PVP.
  • The use of magic weaponry, jewellery and armour is forbidden (this includes items made with Runics or Imbuing, even if they do not contain magical properties).
  • Mounts are not permitted in battles or fights.
  • All offensive area spells are forbidden.
  • Mages are limited to one summoned creature at a time; these may not include daemons, blade spirits or energy vortexes.
  • Spellweavers using Dyrad Allure may not use high end pets such as Orc Brutes, Ogre Lords, Titans, Cyclops etc.
  • Necromancers may not summon Death Adders.
  • You may not animate a revenant.
  • Lightning Strike is forbidden.
  • The following Mysticism spells are forbidden: Nether Cyclone, Rising Colossus, Hail Storm, Spell Plague, Mass Sleep, Animated Weapon.
  • The following Spellweaving spells are forbidden: Natures Fury, Wildfire, Thunderstorm, Essence of Wind.


  • A minimum of 70 poisoning is required to use the special 'Serpent Arrow'.
  • Archers may not use the lightning special move.
  • All quivers (excluding the Quiver of Infinity) are permitted (you may only use bows crafted with regular wood whilst wearing any quiver.)
  • Bows may be made with Oak, Ash and Yew wood but may not be used with a quiver.

Tamers and Pets

  • Tamers may use either two 1 slot pets or a single 2 slot imp in RP-PVP.
  • If a tamer is knocked in a battle he is no longer able to give commands to his creatures.
  • If a pet is knocked in battle it may not rejoin for 30 minutes.

Conflagration and Explosion Potions

  • These are only permitted at the discretion of a guild’s GM (and internal rules regarding their use must be in place).


  • You must have a minimum of 70 poisoning to use it in combat.
  • The use of parasitic poison is forbidden.
  • The use of darkglow poison is forbidden.
  • The same rules also apply to shurikens and fukiya darts.


  • Ninjitsu users may not use giant serpent, bullfrog, ostard, llama, wolf, bake-kitsune, unicorn, or ki-rin forms in or to flee combat, unless the character is permanently in that form, eg. RPing a guard dog.
  • Poisoned shurikens/fukiya darts may only be used by those possessing 70 poisoning (see above for rules on poisoning.)

Thieves and Stealing

  • As well as the contents of a yellow bag the following items may be stolen: any amount of gold, gems, bandages, petals and common potions, books, food, drink, non-magical jewellery, arrows, bolts and any amount of magery and necromancy reagents.
  • Tinkers, Tinkering and Tinkerables
  • You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Golem in battle.
  • You must possess 70 Tinkering to use a Clockwork Scorpion in battle.
  • Leather Wolves and Vollems are forbidden in RP-PVP.


  • Assassins should always make sure their victim is not AFK before attacking.
  • Should the assassination fail, the victim may not be targeted again for 24 hours. Failure of an assassination can be classified as:

- The assassin failing to drop the target and retreating.
- The victim fleeing the scene and avoiding defeat.
- The victim defeating the assassin.

At times GMs may arrange alternative rules between one another, if this takes place you will be alerted. However, in all other occasions the rules apply exactly as they are written.

Combat rules apply only to RP-PvP, not to PvM (in other words, if you want to use parasitic poison against an ogre, or have a cu-sidhe following you around in town, that's fine; just don't do it in combat).