Orc! are now accepting old orcs as long as they conform to the rules.

The youngest of the orcs are called Lil'wuns. All newly created orcs start as Lil'wuns. By the time they learn more about the orcish way of life they will have eventually grown up to become Grunts. Characters can ONLY join if their character fits into the basic mould of an orc. When creating a new character be sure to follow these guidelines as any charcters that are not created in this way will have to be remade until suitable.

Step One - Create a Suitable Name

All charcters must have a proper orc name. There is no exception to this. If you do not know of any orc names then see these examples. The first letter must be capitalised and the rest should all be lower case (with the exception of letters after an apostrophe). CAPS names and AlTeRnAtIvE character names will not be accepted. These names stand out and simply look illiterate. Try not to use any names or similar names of other orcs already in the tribe.

Step Two - Choose Character Stats

Characters should choose Strength 50, Dexterity 20, Intelligence 10.

Step Three - Choose Starting Skills

All new orcs may choose the appropriate skills for what they wish to play, provided they abide by the OOC Rules stated. The skills are up to you, however magery isn't allowed on any orc characters except Shamen. These characters are limited and are only specialised in after promotion from a Lil'wun. All fighting skills are fairly easy to raise so a good recommendation is 50 Healing. Furthermore, some of the newer skills, such as Chivalry, are banned/limited (see here).

Step Four - Character Design

Orcs do not have human hair and so the Hair option must be set to bald (None). No facial hair should be chosen and characters must choose a specific skin from the list (2nd from Right and 3rd Down).

Step Five - Locate Orc Guild and Contact Leaders

Once you have your orc you need to make your way to the Yew Orc Fort. See here for a map. Ensure you have a browse of the guild rules and language. Don't worry too much, you will pick up the language quick enough. You should also ICQ one of the guild leaders on the following numbers;

Harbag 139-542-383
Krig'kar 71-163-310

Welcome to Orc! HOOWAH!