Q. How do I get a promotion?

A. By far the most frequent question of all. Just play and stay active! Activity will have the other orcs notice you. Firstly, get yourself as many orc friends (and a handful of enemies) as you possibly can! Then steam with activity. If there's a patrol being arranged, join it and socialise with the others, showing how good you are at fighting. But orcs will NOT be promoted out of simple combat prowess. The traits that an orc must possess before becoming a Grunt are the ability to roleplay an orc well, a dedication to the welfare of all the clan, the ability to follow the clan rules, proper respect for the chain of command, and the ability to fight well within a team. Even if you have the best stats and skills possible you will not get any promotions unless you work actively and improve yourself as an orc.

Q. Am I being overlooked for promotion?

A. Generally, it will take a Lil'wun between 2 weeks and 3 months of active playing to get his promotion. But if more than a month has passed and you feel you have been a good Lil'wun then let one of the Bosses know and ask them kindly to look into the matter.

Q. How do I successfully play an Lil'wun?

A. A Lil'wun is one of the lowest ranking members of the tribe. They are required to listen to the orders of any other tribe member. As a Lil'wun, your primary jobs are to learn the ways of the tribe, do your best to help the clan, and obey orders. The way you help the clan likely will differ depending on what your bloodline is. Gathering materials such as raw meat, ore, and wood is very helpful. Also important is assisting in the defense of the fort and training to be good warriors. Try to give your orc a bit of uniqueness and character by using emotes such as *puts finger in ear*.

You should get to know at least three other orcs, and get their ICQs (or pijinz, as we call it). Your next step should be to build on this network of friends, and arrange for you to meet, using the fort as the base of operations. Once you've built a network of friends, and become a little stronger, you're ready to truly serve the tribe. Teamwork is what makes this guild interesting and entertaining to be in. Play along and never stop yourself from taking initiative, teaching the new orcs how to play. If there are no orcs when you log on, have a look around, and then start sending out pijinz for other orcs to meet you. Always try to meet and talk ingame with your friends instead of per ICQ unless there's no other way.

The keyword here is roleplaying. Roleplaying doesn't only mean "not to talk OOC", but to play a true, living character! Who is your Orc? Emote a lot, make jokes, or even insult your superiors! It's up to you and your imagination, really. The Severed Heads is an excellent place for roleplaying. Never stop roleplaying, for that is the true enjoyment in the guild. And if things don't happen by themselves, then make them happen! You don't need to organize any grand events, but just taking a fellow Lil'wun out for a patrol can give you a great time, and earn you a friend for life.

Q. When can I go OOC?

A. Basically, never. It is easy to say most things In Character, without resorting to OOC. If for example you need to go to the bathroom, don't say: "I gotta take a piss", but say instead "Me gu sleepy fer liddel bid". If you have a bad lag, then say "Me buutz iz full uf mud!" instead of "Damned lag!". And if you can't say it In Character, then don't say it at all. If you need to talk OOC then do so using the party option. The guild is a roleplaying guild so you should never even need to say words such as "Powerhour". If you want to give someone your ICQ number, carry a blank book with you with "Pijin xxxx" written in it and hand it to them.

Q. An Orc keeps harassing/killing me! What should I do?

A. The first thing to do is to find out why you were attacked or insulted. Commonly, you have broken a rule, misunderstood an order or offended the wrong person. It is common among the tribe for superiors klomping out of discipline to the lower ranks.

If you feel that you are being very badly treated, for example repeatedly attacked without knowing why, then firstly, try to resolve this over ICQ with the other party involved, after you have wound down a bit from any hot emotions. Often as not, it all pours down to a misunderstanding. But if the problem remains you should address the issue with another high ranking member.