Tribe Respect
The Tribe Respect System is a brand new concept we have created to enhance your experience with the Severed Heads Orcs. It's main goal is to provide something for members to actually do, and to make playing your orc as enjoyable and as much fun as possible. Hopefully it will also open up more opportunities to actually roleplay and always give you something to do in-game.

Firstly, it will allow you to advance in the guild with promotions. While you're enjoying playing your orc you can earn Tribe Respect, which is needed to rise in rank. Secondly, these can also be saved and spent on other things such as items and titles.

How do I earn Tribe Respect?
It's very easy. Just choose and complete Tribe Tasks, and make a report/post. Your Tribe Respect will be updated on a regular basis on your Character Records, which can be spent however you want. You can also earn respect on other reports you do, you don't have to be limited to the tribe's tasks. If you want to do something, then do it and make a report with some pictures, and you will be rewarded with respect equivalent to that of a similar Tribe Task.

The reason we changed the name to Tribe Respect is so that we can refer to it in game. So it is possible to award points in game. Also there will be other ways to gain respect such as but not limited to the following :
  • Campaigns and longer Quests may give numerous awards of Tribe Respect
  • Activity in-game and IC awards
  • Promotions (Officers complete a quest as part of the promotion, which has a good amount of Tribe Respect as a reward)

Your Character Records
Every single orc must create their own Character Record. Without one of these you cannot earn any respect. So this is the first thing you need to do. They are all kept in the same place here.
Start a New Thread using your orc's name as the Title. Then copying the other templates there, post your own.

Tribe Tasks and Reports
Choose a task capable for your level, some of them can be done alone while others require the aid of fellow orcs. A good tool for making reports and posts is Capture the Moment. Your report can be as long or as short as you want. Some tasks grant additional points for imaginative posts, but we want the system to be fun not menial. So remember the most important thing is to have fun!

I'm not that active or I don't want to do reports. Does this mean I can't advance or will be limited?
No, we appreciate everyone plays differently and some can devote more time than others. The system is not intended to handicap anyone, rather it is suppose to provide a platform for people to have things to do and have fun.

This is a new concept with the guild and so things are liable to being changed as we find the right balance. If anyone has any comments, ideas or suggestions for the system then let us know.

Find out more information about Tribe Respect, and points required for promotion/items, here.